Getting Started with Fort Gotten & NFTs

What is Fort Gotten?

Fort Gotten is the land where all our inner-kidz go once they are forgotten.

Fort Gotten is a NFT project in the Cardano Network with the goal of allowing everyone to rediscover their creative side, reconnecting with their inner kid. It’s an interactive story about the lives and adventures of our inner kids.

It’s a universe where stories unfold, where collaboration happens, and everyone has the space to be creative again through art, roleplay, games, puzzles and community.

WTF is Blockchain or NFTs?

NFTs stand for Non Fungible Token, which means they are a unique token (which can be any sort of information like an image, video, audio, etc.) validated through Blockchain Technology.

If that sounds complicated to you, don’t worry, in layman terms, it allows you to have true ownership of any digital asset, using the Blockchain to confirm who owns the asset.

The Blockchain is a big public database and record of every transaction in the network. There are different Blockchain Networks, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Cardano. In our case, our main NFT collection uses the Cardano Blockchain, a low-cost, power efficient and sustainable network.

To interact with a Blockchain, you need a wallet, which is like an account for the blockchain and allows you to do transactions in it.

Why should I care? I can just save your JPGs!

You can save the JPG of an NFT as much as you can print the Mona Lisa at home. For sure, you will have pretty much the same artwork, but we all know it’s not the same.

What NFTs do is to associate a token (image, video, audio, etc.) with a specific wallet, and while everyone can download the NFT, only one wallet can own the original token. Because of how Blockchain works, this is incredibly secure and basically impossible to fake, it’s absolute digital ownership.

This also allows for some cool things, since your wallet can also interact with websites, we can easily verify ownership and use that to give exclusive access, benefits, events, shops, or whatever you can imagine. The possibilities are literally endless!

Get Started with Cardano NFTs

Getting started with Cardano NFTs is easy, all you need is a wallet and getting some ADA (the coin that powers Cardano) to buy some NFTs. This is a quick start guide to get you started, there are much better and more in-depth tutorials on YouTube.

Creating a Wallet

There are many wallets for Cardano, the most popular is Nami Wallet, you can download it by going to their website Please be careful when choosing a Wallet, since this is where you will store your cryptocurrency and your NFTs.

Creating a wallet is easy, just install the browser extension and follow the steps. Please read everything carefully, there is crucial security information that you need to learn (like storing your seed phrase securely).

Funding your Wallet

The next step is to get some money into your wallet so that you can buy things. To do this, you can use and Exchange Platform like Binance, but setting that up takes a long time and is not very user friendly.

If you want to get it done quickly, we recommend using Moon Pay, which allows you to easily buy ADA using any credit or debit card. Once you have your wallet set up, simply go to Moon Pay, select Cardano, the amount you want to pay, and copy your “Receive” address which you can easily find on your wallet.

And that’s it! You are ready to start buying Cardano NFTs!

Buying Cardano NFTs

Marketplaces — JPG Store

The most popular marketplace on Cardano is JPG Store. There you can look for existing collection of NFTs (such as Fort Gotten). They have a verification system in place, so you can easily distinguish the official collections.

Minting — Direct from Project

Marketplaces are used for projects that are already released. When a project is about to release, they sell the tokens directly in a process called “minting” (which is when the NFT gets created). To mint, simply follow the instructions provided by the specific project, most projects use Twitter and Discord for communication.

Buying Fort Gotten NFTs

We have released 3 episodes already, here are the links for them in JPG Store:

Episode 0 Link

Episode 1 Link

Episode 2 Link

Episode 0 and 1 are already fully minted, which means the collection is fully sold out, so the only way to acquire them are through JPG Store.

Episode 2 is partially released. This episode is not fully sold out but the minting is currently paused, so you can find them on JPG Store or mint them directly with us in the near future, when we resume the minting process.